21 Sept 2010

The simple extravagance of Scottish mussels

You know when you eat out at a restaurant and one course is so good it almost causes you to stop breathing? My Scotsman and I recently enjoyed an overnight stay at a hotel in the highlands, where he ordered Scottish mussels in a white wine and cream sauce.

We loved it so much that once we were home we couldn’t stop talking about it and decided to have a go at cooking mussels ourselves.

Yesterday we bought a wee bag of mussels that had been grown in Loch Roag in the Outer Hebrides. JP lifted a recipe from the Internet for a white wine sauce and went for it.

In a word: exquisite. And with buttered crusty bread to sop up the aromatic sauce, this is definitely a meal to make again.

Scottish mussels are a treat not to be missed. Wild mussels are in season between September and March and are at their best in February. Whether you are making them yourself or out at a restaurant (have a read through The List’s Eating and Drinking Guide for recommendations), Scottish mussels just feel like an extravagance. Yum.

To learn more about Scottish mussels, visit Eat Scotland.

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