19 Jun 2011

Should auld acquaintance be forgot…

I thought the first line to the popular Burns’ song Auld Lang Syne would be appropriate on this occasion, which marks my goodbye to this blog.

After more than two years I am closing up virtual shop. Like many bloggers I have simply run out of creative steam, and as I get older it becomes more important that I persue something because I love it rather than because I feel I should. My life is very full and happy, and I simply feel my energy being pulled elsewhere.

I don’t know quite how to thank you, everyone who has followed along on my many adventures, and who has encouraged my writing and photography. You have helped make this wee project a great joy. Thank you also for your passion and curiosity for Scotland. I think that together we have shown this wee country a lot of love.

While I will eventually be shutting down comments and other bits and pieces, the blog itself will remain as a point of reference and potential enjoyment for whoever should stumble upon it.

I shall leave you with Eddi Reader, who sings my favourite rendition of Auld Lang Syne.

Much love and safe journeys,


5 Jun 2011

Gullane's black rocks, then cake

In the gentle world of East Lothian, it is easy to make a trip to the beach stretch out the way the sun laps from the dunes to the shore in the late afternoon.

Be as lazy or adventurous as you like, running or rambling from the carpark in Gullane down to the beach, where you start the lingering trek towards the distant black rocks.

The day is that combination of chilled breeze and the coin-sized orbs of warmth against your cheeks and your eyelids.

Follow the trail from the beach, over the rocks and up into the dunes, past the ruins of a small chapel whose parishioners worshiped here 500 years ago. Today a golf course extends inland not far away, but the waves that roll against the sand below sound the same as they did then.
Walk as far as you like, all the way out to Yellowcraig if the spirit moves you. Or stop and sit for awhile before deciding that the afternoon just wouldn’t be complete without an enormous piece of cake and a comforting cup of milky coffee.

Sun, sand, vistas, shells, cake. The perfect afternoon out.

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