24 Apr 2010

Two short sensual tips

With no time for a longer post today, I am going to indulge in two short updates.

First, for those who live outside the UK, there is a VisitScotland giveaway not to be missed. They have teamed up with Continental Airlines and are hosting a fabulous "win a Scottish Festival" dream trip to Scotland in August, including roundtrip flights and four nights accomodation. If you haven't entered already you can do so at this site. Deadline is May 17.

Next, a wee tip for chocolate lovers. If you are travelling through Linlithgow in West Lothian, stop in at the chocolate shop on the high street and ask for a Mary Stewart chocolate.

It is a lucious raspberry velvet cream covered in milk chocolate, moulded in the shape of a crown. Named after Mary, Queen of Scots, who was born in Linlithgow Palace, it has been dubbed "Linlithgow's Chocolate" and is the perfect small treat to enjoy while sitting next to the palace and looking out at the rolling green peel that leads down to the loch.

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