4 Aug 2009

Spit here.

You heard me. Twirl your tongue around inside your mouth and gather as much saliva as you can muster.

Then take a moment to remember the old 15th century Tolbooth, which once stood here on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. A jail and courthouse, many poor and wretched creatures met terrible deaths inside its walls, or were publicly hanged outside.

Before the Tolbooth was demolished in 1817, people would often spit on the door of the building as they passed. An old by-law states that it is illegal to spit anywhere in Edinburgh other than on the Heart of Midlothian.

So go ahead and spit. Spit on injustice, past and present.

Just be careful where you’re walking if you are passing this spot at the end of a long day. Eewwww…

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