2 Apr 2010

Finally on Facebook!

Happy Easter weekend to you all! With any luck Monday will find me and JP driving into the highlands and seeing what adventures we can find. Just send your good vibes to the mechanic who is fixing the car.

If we get to the highlands, you can be assured that lamb and calf photos will be taken. And if we don’t, then it may be a trip out to Largs for a bit of waterside relaxing. We shall see.

Good news! After much slaving and going a bit cross-eyed, I have finally posted a page on Facebook and you can join me by clicking here.

It was the oatcakes that really did it for me. When I made the oatcakes and several of you went out and made oatcakes as well, I wanted to have a place where anyone might be able to post photos or tales of Scottish culinary creations or travels. And now I have one! 

I have uploaded photos that haven't been posted here, like these two: the sun rising near Portobello in Edinburgh, and a trail through the Aberlady Bay Nature Reserve in East Lothian.
I have also launched myself onto twitter, and am following heaps of people and groups around Scotland, to help keep me up to date with all the wonderful things that are happening. The only problem is I am now aching to be in more than one place at once, with so many events overlapping my days off and holidays. For example, I have just learned about the Shetland Food Festival. And the Walkhighlands people are filling my mind with countless ideas about trips I want to take.

Finally, some wonderful news for food lovers in Scotland as a new global study by the International Culinary Tourism Association has ranked Scotland as one of the best places to eat on the planet. Chef-supported initiatives for locally produced food and the growing popularity of farmers’ market is obviously making a difference.

The sun is shining through the window and I’m heading off to Edinburgh’s Princes Street. No doubt about it: it’s a good, good time to be in Scotland.

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