13 Jun 2010

Baxters in the Borders: a foodie's regret

If I am lucky enough to be travelling through the Scottish Borders and I am near the town of Selkirk, I cannot pass up the opportunity to stop in at the Baxters shop.

Baxters has been around in Scotland since 1868 and has several shops around Scotland, but I love this one (just off the A7) because it is like walking into a foodie’s daydream.

The well-lit open plan space includes a section on the left that is dedicated to cookware, although admittedly I do little more than let my eyes pan quickly past so I can focus on everything located to the right, namely the food.

Cunningly, there are samples of various dips set up near the entrance, making it difficult to move past the chipotle, bean and chilli chutney without picking up a jar.
I am a danger to myself and others in this shop. Shelves of biscuits and traditional fudge, a deli with cheeses and handmade chocolates, posh crisps and shelf after shelf of pretty jars of preserves.

When you have tired of samples you can wander into the attached café and gaze at the gargantuan desserts behind the glass. Unfortunately I cannot recommend the steak sandwich. Go for the giant scone - I wish I had.
Here is where the regret comes in. I gleefully oggled the jars of banoffee curd, imagining the creamy gooey toffee and banana goodness inside, but in the end I did not buy one. Now if I want one I will have to take the bus all the way to Ocean Terminal to buy it. I know, I know - the trauma. But it’s my blog - don’t mock my pain!
Most people know Baxters because of their soups, but they make truly delightful chutneys and jams as well. I am sure the banoffee curd is also worth swooning over. When I finally do latch onto a jar, I shall let you know.

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