2 Mar 2010

Tartan scarf winners

Thank you! Never before have there been so many names in the hat of treats.

When I started this blog I knew I wanted to do a monthly giveaway, not only because I love sending things, but because getting a real parcel in the mail is a sensual occurrence that many of us don’t experience very often. The thought of someone out there opening an envelope with a little piece of Scotland inside just fills me with joy. I’m a bit cheesy that way.

I couldn’t believe the vast number of different tartans that have come up, and all the attached family history: McKay, McLeod, Lamont, Barclay Hunting, MacDonald of the Isles, Stewart, McNab, Graham of Menteith, MacIntosh, Sutherland, Drummond, MacMillan Ancient, Dundee, MacGregor, Campbell, MacBeth Hunting, Gordon, Matheson, Marshall, Macfarlane…

Other favourites included Isle of Skye, Black Watch, the tartans of Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan, and the State of Oklahoma.

Anyway, my beloved has now dipped his sleepy hand into the hat of treats.

Drum roll please…

Congratulations to Liz, an Engligh Major in the US whose grandfather instilled in her a pride in her MacGregor clan roots, and to artist Kay, whose ancestors also hailed from Scotland. Kay loves the Isle of Skye Tartan.

Ladies please email me with your addresses so your scarves can be sent to their new homes.

The wee giveaway for March will be held later this month (I ran a bit late with the February one). Hooray for treats!

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