20 Mar 2010

This month's giveaway? Eggsactly.

Each month here on Scotland for the Senses, I host a little giveaway. I aim to choose things that are pleasing to the senses and offer a genuine sample of all that is wonderful in this country, so I can share it with someone out there in the world. As a rule I try to avoid things that might plunge us into the realm of the ridiculous and fan the flames of Scottish stereotypes.

But this month, I have failed.

You see, as good as my intentions are, I sometimes fall victim to a feminine impulse that bubbles suddenly in my mind when I see certain things. “Oh, how CUTE!” the voice says. It’s all downhill after that.

Here is the result of such a transaction:

They are wee ceramic kilted egg cups. I think I would have been able to resist if their little feet hadn’t been pointing inwards. But alas, they are now in my possession and looking for a new home.

So this month’s giveaway is more like a search for a volunteer to adopt this little pair, hopefully in time for Easter so at least the silliness can have some purpose.

Anyone wishing to adopt these two egg cups, which will be mailed with great care and a lot of bubble wrap, please leave a comment below or email me at scotland4thesenses@googlemail.com including “I forgive you!” in the subject line. The only people not eligible to adopt are last month’s winners.

The deadline to get your name in the hat is Monday 22 March. I’ll get JP to draw the name on Tuesday so I can mail them off on Wednesday. If the winner would be willing to post a photo of them in their new home, that would make my day.

Next month is the one-year anniversary of this blog. I promise to be on good behaviour when it comes to picking out the treat.
*****This giveaway is now finished. Congratulations, sas!*****

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