15 Dec 2009

Sensual Scotland parcel lands in Pennsylvania

I had a great time gathering up the wee treats to collect for my first "sensual Scotland in a box" giveaway. The winner, Nancy of Patchwork Penguin, has reported that the box has arrived safely and I can now reveal the contents of the mystery parcel:

Taste and smell: Mmm...shortbread. Mmmm...whisky cake from Jenners. Mmmm...Scottish tablet.

Sight and hearing: A CD-rom tour of Scotland, a home-made mixed CD of Scottish music, and a BBC audio book of James Robertson's The Testament of Gideon Mack.

Rounding out the sensual experiences are a packet of wildflower seeds, a small book of Scottish country recipes and a Christmas card featuring a bagpiper.

In other good news, recently many of you let me know some of your most-loved sensual Scottish experiences. This week I was contacted by a teacher who asked to use the ideas in her class in order to get her students thinking about their own favourite sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Scotland. I'm sure the children will add to the ideas you have already put forward.

Next post will explore the cliff-perched ruins of Tantallon Castle.

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