3 Dec 2009

Mystery box winner!

After a long, long day at work, it is nice to come home and pick a name from the hat of treats. Actually, I didn’t really pick a name. Requiring something a little more dramatic, I closed my eyes and tossed all the bits of paper in the air, clutching around me as they fell.

Zee winner of the first ever sensual Scottish box of mystery is Nancy at Patchwork Penguin. Nancy please email me your address so I can send you this special parcel of goodness.

Hopefully Nancy will be able to post a photo of her winnings when they arrive in Pennsylvania. But just in case she is immediately overcome with glee upon seeing the package and tears everything open at once, here is a sample of what is taking up space in the mystery box:

It may not be Walker’s (Nancy's reported favourite) but it will have travelled all the way from Aberdeenshire.

I loved reading people’s stories of their favourite sensual experiences from Scotland. Here a few of my favourites:

-Being utterly alone among the snow-capped mountains of Glencoe
-The aroma of Arbroath smokies cooked in a old whisky barrel
-The roar of the crowd at Murrayfield stadium
-Hazelnut and Blueberry Mousse Cake at Peter's Yard Bakery in Edinburgh
-The simple pleasure of Scotch pancakes
-Touching the old stones of a ruined kirk in Ayr
-The unmistakeable flavour of all butter shortbread
-The sound of the hammer coming down on the Gretna Green Old Smithy Marriage Anvil
-The scent of the sea and the wind at Iona
-The smooth scratchy warmth of real wool
-The first taste of whisky in an old, atmospheric pub
-good friends (sniff)

I must say, you wonderful people are full of great ideas. If I’m ever stumped for things to do, I know I can just post the question of where to go and what to see next and I’ll be sure to get some ingenious answers.

Time for this Edinburgh girl to go to bed. Thank you everyone for joining in and sharing your thoughts - I’ve so enjoyed this. Congratulations again to Nancy, who will soon be tucking into a host of little sensual gifts from Scotland.

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