22 Dec 2009

A Capital Christmas

Edinburgh is so beautiful right now, just days before Christmas. We rarely get snow in December so the result is a fresh bout of festive feelings, at least for me.

But I don’t think it’s just me. I sense a renewed enthusiasm from people as they clutch their mulled wine at the holiday markets or stop in Princes Street to take photos of Edinburgh Castle, which is so regal with its dusting of white.

Suddenly everything is new again.

These photos aren’t the best, but it made me happy to take them on my walk to and from work. I adore the lights that are wound around the trees in Princes Street Gardens. They are white lights but they cast a purple glow. With the lights wrapped so far up the branches, I think of skeletons frozen in the middle of a dance.

Already I mourn the loss of winter. I am not ready for the days to begin to get longer. I know, I know - ask me about this statement in March, when I am begging for the sun to shine and the buds to burst.

Weather dependent, JP and I will be making a trip to the borders and perhaps undertaking a few other adventures around Scotland. But in case I don’t get much writing in over the holidays, I want to thank you for tagging along with this sensual Scottish experiment and wish you all a beautiful festive season and cracking Hogmanay.

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