20 Aug 2009

CD winners!!

Good morning bagpipe lovers,

Thanks ever so much for taking part in my giving of treats of excellent goodness, also known on this occasion as Edinburgh Tattoo CDs.

Three winners we have!
1. Cathy over at Whippoorwill Wood promises to listen to it until she drives her kids crazy.

2. Perhaps Lynda at Swoopin' Along shall be inspired to sculpt a piper!

3. Falconhead can relive the time she spent on Skye. (please email me - your link doesn't work!)

Along with all your comments here I have received some wonderful emails from people who related their connections to and love of Scotland. Thanks again for sharing your stories; I find them inspiring as I look for new ideas for this blog.

I haven't decided what next month's giveaway will be, but it will be sure to be something delightful. Enjoy your CDs, you three!
ps - nice try "JD."

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