14 Aug 2009

The sound of August: A musical giveaway

It's late, it's raining, but as long as we have music in our hearts, everything will be okay. Now, have you recovered from that appalling introduction? Not yet? Well, give it a minute.

I shall get to the point already. Another month, another bout of what I like to call "the giving of treats."

This month we turn our attention to the sense of sound, and what sound do people associate with Scotland more than that of the bagpipe? Or, in this case, the overwhelming resonance of a collection of pipe bands marching over an ancient drawbridge and onto a wide castle esplanade.

The Edinburgh Tattoo has released its latest CD and I have THREE copies to send out into the world.

As usual, the giveaway is straight-forward. The most important thing is that whatever it is I am offering has to make your belly or mind lurch rather joyfully. It has to be something that would give you genuine pleasure and enjoyment, or perhaps you know someone who would really love it.

To comment on this post is to enter your name in the draw - it is as easy as that. I write every one's name on a bit of paper, then I or JP draw the name the day after the deadline. The only ones not eligible are the person who won last month's draw (hope you're enjoying the cookbook, Pyzhan!), and my poor, prize-less Scotsman. If you don't have a blog to link back to, you can still enter by emailing me at scotland4thesenses@googlemail.com and including "Bagpipes!" in the subject line. I shall contact the winners by blog or email to get addresses.

Bits about this CD: The opening songs by the massed pipes and drums are lively and dramatic, and include new music written for the occasion by the director of the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming. The finale includes Amazing Grace, and there is a Robert Burns theme to honour Scotland's Year of Homecoming. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (recent winners of a Classic Brit award for their album Spirit of the Glen: Journey) also feature, playing the always popular Highland Cathedral. Also, if you're a drum lover, some of the best snare drums in the world are here, in the form of the Top Secret Swiss Drum Corps. All of this, not to mention the Central Swiss Army Band, the Royal Corps of musicians from Tonga and the bands of the Royal Air Force...

So, are you tempted? Fancy a bit of live, traditional Scottish music, right in your ear? Then leave me a comment. Three of you will be marching around your living rooms in no time. Remember, I do airmail!

Deadline to get your name in the hat: let's say Wednesday 19 August.

Hooray for treats!

*******************This giveaway has now finished. Congratulations to Cathy, Lynda and Falconhead****************************

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