20 Feb 2011

Inside Edinburgh University's Anatomy Theatre

I am under strict instructions not to tell you about what went on during Saturday night’s Edinburgh Secret Society event.

But I can say how remarkable it was to sit in Edinburgh University’s Anatomy Lecture Theatre, with steep rows of red seats curved around where the old dissecting table once sat.

Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, cadavers were wheeled out before an audience of young medical students and taken apart in full gory detail. This is a building that is not often open to the public, a silent bowl of history that our secret group had the opportunity to fill for a few hours.

Upon departure from our “evening of death” (additional details are forbidden), I was wowed by the elephant skeletons in the lobby of the anatomy museum. The stone surroundings and the subtle lighting brought out the shadows in the room.
What a strange place and an exceptionally strange evening. I know I’m sworn to secrecy, but perhaps just one photo from this sold-out event? I’m sure this shot will cast aside the veil of mystery. Excellent.

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