30 May 2010

Scottish Tea Winners!!!

Thank you all so much. The hat of treats is nearly full to the brim with little bits of folded paper bearing the names of tea lovers. I've never had so many names in the hat before - thank you thank you!

The winners!

First of all, the winner of The Scottish Collection box from the Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company (and one bag of English Breakfast Tea for comparison!) is Julia Christie.

Earlier this year the now famous Icelandic ash cloud was the cause of Julia's family holiday to Ireland being cancelled. They are now re-planning their trip for the autumn, and have decided to include a week in Scotland as well. Hopefully this tea will inspire them as they read through their guidebooks.
Next, there are the sets of five Scottish Breakfast Tea packets. I've squeezed out one more name so four people can see what they think of my favourite tea.

Congratulations to Kit in South Africa, Laurita in Newfoundland Canada, Proud grandmother Linda Skupien from Ocean Springs Mississippi, and our bonus winner, Brian Miller.

Could all the winners please email me their addresses and I shall organize the mailing of treats forthwith!

Many thanks for this overwhelming interest in tea in Scotland. If you have not had a chance to peruse the joyous offerings of The Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company you can do so here.

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