5 Dec 2009

Thunder in the streets

Amidst the bustle of shoppers and tourists, some members from the tribal band Clann An Drumma recently set up in the centre of Glasgow and played a few wild sets.

Clann An Drumma have been around for some time and have produced several albums. The members have changed over the years and I wasn’t able to find out the names of the musicians I saw that day. Two of them in particular caught my eye. This woman who had a mysterious beauty about her:

And this man, who because of his sheer size and the ferocity of his playing, held an almost terrible presence among the crowd. People (myself included) just could not stop staring at him.

The Clann An Drumma Web site seems to be down but Google searches reveal several amateur videos of the group. Unfortunately none that I found featured the two players above, but the curious can try this link.

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