28 Nov 2009

Sensual Scotland, in a box!

As we enter St. Andrew's Day weekend, Historic Scotland sites around the country are throwing open their doors and saying "come in!" For places like Edinburgh Castle where the entry fee is usually around £13, this is an opportunity for many people to visit these ancient places for the first time.

I however have not planned to visit any historic sites this weekend as I am heading through to the west for a little r&r with the Scotsman.

Before I go, I will tell you that beside me in the livingroom is a box. In the box is a collection of small but delightful treats from Scotland, purposefully chosen in order to delight each and every one of the senses. Now I can't tell you what is in the box as that would ruin the surprise for whoever is destined to open it. Needless to say I think the Scottish mystery parcel will make one lucky person very happy indeed.

This is my end-of-year giveaway, moved up because the final holiday posting dates are quite early this year. It is my little thank you for reading along and celebrating Scotland with me - an attempt to wrap up Scotland and send it through the post.

As this is the last giveaway of the year and in the spirit of Historic Scotland's doors open day, entries are open to anyone who wishes to take part.

To enter: Leave me a comment telling me about your favourite sensual thing about Scotland (omitting the intimate details of your amorous romp on Rannoch Moor). If you don't have a blog to link back to please email me at scotland4thesenses@googlemail.com and include "mystery box" in the subject line.

The only favour I ask is that the winner post or send me a photo of their spoils, so the mystery can be revealed!

Deadline will be 2nd December and the winner's name will drawn from the hat on the 3rd. This leaves me a bit of time to get to the post office.
So haul out your Saltires and sing Auld Lang Syne, because this is the time to be stand up and be proud of Scotland.

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