28 Oct 2010

A giveaway for letter writers

Ring of Brodgar
Halloween approaches. In the old Pagan Calendar, Samhain is the symbolic crust of the year, cut off with the end of the growing season. The old god will die and will not be born again until the solstice. Until then we will hang in the shadows, watching the plumes of our breath.

With the Dark Season falling on us like a book that is slowly closing, we await the hush that winter will bring. This is the favourite season for creative introverts, the time when our desire to wrap ourselves up and tuck ourselves away is perfectly justified.

For many of us, the long nights by candlelight bring a desire to write. Not the clatter of fingers against the keyboard, but the smooth flow of pen against paper, thoughts and stories strung together to those we love.

We are the ones who, in this time of electronic domination, still swoon over the idea of a new pen or the crisp flick of a fresh sheet of paper, the delicious crack when the spine gives on a new notebook.
Castle Stalker

Edinburgh Victoria Street
We also know that a beautiful card can be a gift in itself. We approach those two small pages as if we could fit an entire world onto them, scrunching up our handwriting so it looks like a maze.

All of this to announce my delight in this month’s giveaway. Ever since I moved to Scotland I have loved the work of painter Keli Clark, having first been drawn in by her images of witches soaring across a moonlit sky and cats curled in front of a roaring fire, a fat-bellied cauldron bubbling nearby.

Keli is kindly sponsoring 10 of her gorgeous cards. It is my wish to divide these cards between five winners, two cards each.

The Watchers
Entering this giveaway is very easy. First, visit Keli’s Web site and browse her selection of lovely cards. Perhaps you will love the one of the shaggy Highland Cows, or maybe the one of Edinburgh’s Victoria Street in the winter. There are several sections to choose from, so follow the links at will:

Edinburgh Cards
East Lothian
Scotland Cards
Fife Cards
Animals and Birds
Pagan & Wicca
Magic & Mystery
Faerie Cards
Christmas Cards
Highland Cattle
The Green Witch
After looking through the selections, choose your two favourite cards and write them as a comment on this post. You can also email me with your choices at scotland4thesenses@gmail.com, including “Keli Clark artist” in the subject line.

The deadline will be that most glorious day of the year, 31 October. I will announce the five winners on 1 November.

Wishing you a happy Samhain.

****Update**** This giveaway has now finished. Congratulations to the winners!

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