9 Jun 2009

Lucid Dream Real Estate: Isle of Skye

Something has become vividly clear to me since starting this blog. Simply put, there are many people in the world who ache for Scotland. Even for those who have no ancestral connection to the place, there are mysteries in this wee country that can rise up like the mist from the sea and weave any history together with this "land of brown heath and shaggy wood." And just like that, you're stuck, not able to leave (like me) or forever wishing yourself back.

It is to this yearning that I dedicate a periodic series of photos of wholly impractical yet swoon-worthy dwellings around Scotland. The idea came about during a recent visit to the Isle of Skye, near Dunvegan, where I stood looking out towards the mountains known as MacLeod's Tables. I took several photos of the scene, enchanted by this small, sturdy house in the shadow of the flat-topped monster.

In my mind I have called this series "House Hunting for Marcheline," after one of my bloggy friends whose longing for Scotland sinks right down into her bones.

For those dreamers and storytellers, the ones who can lift themselves out of the everyday and into a world where magik sits humming behind the spinning wheel, then for the next timeless moment, here is where you live:
(click to expand - you know you want to)

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