19 Jun 2011

Should auld acquaintance be forgot…

I thought the first line to the popular Burns’ song Auld Lang Syne would be appropriate on this occasion, which marks my goodbye to this blog.

After more than two years I am closing up virtual shop. Like many bloggers I have simply run out of creative steam, and as I get older it becomes more important that I persue something because I love it rather than because I feel I should. My life is very full and happy, and I simply feel my energy being pulled elsewhere.

I don’t know quite how to thank you, everyone who has followed along on my many adventures, and who has encouraged my writing and photography. You have helped make this wee project a great joy. Thank you also for your passion and curiosity for Scotland. I think that together we have shown this wee country a lot of love.

While I will eventually be shutting down comments and other bits and pieces, the blog itself will remain as a point of reference and potential enjoyment for whoever should stumble upon it.

I have no doubt I will someday reemerge in bloggerland under a different guise. If you have enjoyed my writing and would like to be notified of my future creative efforts, please email me at pleasebringcake@gmail.com and include “Sophia’s email list” in the subject line.

I shall leave you with Eddi Reader, who sings my favourite rendition of Auld Lang Syne.

Much love and safe journeys,


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