4 Feb 2010

A+ for Sense-smart students

Awhile ago some of you wrote to me about your favourite sensual Scottish experiences. Not long after, I received an email from a teacher who asked me if she could share your suggestions with her RME (religious and moral education) class. Yesterday she sent me a list of just a few of the hundreds of additional ideas the children came up with. I was so thrilled and just had to share them. Three cheers for this insightful class of 12-year-olds from Aberdeen’s Hazelhead Academy! Do you think they should start work on their own guidebook to Scotland (or at least go into mass production of "Gran's toffee and porridge"...)?

-The chipper when you are walking past and you are having something boring for tea
-My Gran baking a cake
-Edinburgh Dungeons - I enjoy being scared and not knowing what's going to happen - I like the room of mirrors best!
-The sight of Glenshee covered in snow
-Getting my tongue stuck in the snow and forcing my hands into the cold snow to get my tongue out!
-Standing listening to utter silence at Loch Lomond
-The taste of Irn Bru
-The massive bang of the one o'clock gun going off
-Salt and vinegar on sausage and chips
-Hearing the sound of Pittodrie Stadium when Aberdeen score (which they never) (*note - I didn‘t add that part!)
-The friendly Scottish Accent
-The loud bangs of rain on my Velux window as I snuggle up in my covers on a winter night
-The sound of a herd of deer
-The wet sand on the beach
-My Grandas toffee and porridge
-Snowflakes landing on your tongue
-Ham toastie from Ballater (some of the kids quite liked the look of the seriously good toastie and offered this recommendation)
-The bagpipes piping at a wedding
-The waves on the harbour wall
-My house after I've been on holiday
-Wood burning on bonfire night
-My Dad when he comes home
-The morning when you get out of your tent in Aviemore
-Mr Chipper macaroni pie supper

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