10 May 2009

In which I begin the great Scottish tablet giveaway

This is official vanilla butter tablet, similar to fudge but a little crisper. This particular tablet was made in Crieff by Gordon & Durward, which has been around since 1925 and is hailed as one of Scotland's best sweet shops.

Tempted? Well I bought 11 bars (12 actually- one is for me. Tee hee). I wasn't joking when I said the first 10 followers will receive a treat. JP doesn't count in this instance - he will receive...other treats. But I don't feel like waiting until there are 10 people in the little box. I want to send candy in the post NOW.

So if you're in the little box over there, please email me your address to scotland4thesenses@googlemail.com. Unless you are Jacqui or Moe, in which case I have your address. Macheline, you should send me your address, too - I bought an extra bar for you. A bar for Craig as well. If you're not in the little box but follow along some other way and you would like to try some tablet, email me anyway as the chance of more tablet is entirely possible. But please email within the next week, as I would like to send everything at once in order to frighten the Royal Mail lady.

I hope to send away a treat each month, although after this it will likely be to just one person - pull a name out of a hat kind of thing. I promise not to send anything tacky like tartan hats with fake ginger hair attached to them, or those horrible nuclear green nessie toys. Only lovely things to send your senses on holiday to Scotland. Hurrah for treats!

**UPDATE** This giveaway has now finished. I do a wee giveaway every month; please feel free to take part!

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